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Gnarls Barkley’s The Odd Couple, Brendan Benson, and Totally Free Stuff

Gnarl’s Barkley recently released the title of the their next album, its first single, and a release month. First things first, The album will be released in April on Downtown/Atlantic Records. The title of the album is again a pop culture reference like St.Elsewhere. Gnarls Barkley - The Odd CoupleTheir latest single, which is the albums first, is called Run. You can get it for free by clicking here. I personally enjoy it a lot, but you decide for yourself. There’s no track list just yet, but The Odd Couple is confirmed to feature one song previewed for Billboard last summer that includes Cee-Lo proclaiming, “Who’s gonna save my soul now?” So other than the released single, Run, and a song only heard by Billboard thus far, nothing else is known about the album. I am excited for the release of this album, but mostly I am excited to see what two individuals who, prior to St. Elsewhere, had not done a conventional album. The truly odd couple has had me listening to their debut for quite a while now and I am ready for some new material, but I guess I can wait another month.


The next person I am going to talk about is truly one of the most fantastic musicians my ears has ever heard, and his name is Brendan Benson. Brendan Benson is the king of power pop in my mind and I essentially love everything he does, and the great news is that the super group he is a part of, the Raconteurs, Brendan Bensonhas been settled down for a while now which means we will most likely be seeing a new album from not only the Raconteurs, but also Benson. It has been 3 years too long since Brendan’s last release, and I’m getting a little jonesy. Luckily, I have been able to hear some of the stuff Brendan has been working on on his myspace page. For those of you who have not heard the power pop maestro, should check him out. You can either venture to his myspace page, or you can take advantage of this free mp3 I’ve offered you here. Benson does everything you hear in his music. He even produces it! The only thing he doesn’t do is get recognition, and that… well it saddens me. Please check him out. Now. Oh and p.s. the mp3 I’m offering you is off his most recent album The Alternative To Love and it is the title track. Which for all you idiots out there, it means the song’s name is “The Alternative To Love as well.


This last bit of this post is about one of my favorite websites on the internet. It is called Totally Free Stuff, and it truly is amazing. Totally Free Stuff is amazing because first you go the website then simply click on the All Freebies tab on the left and begin your hunt. Once you find an item that interests you, you click on it and fill out some simple form that includes your address. Your address is the only thing that needs to be filled out truthfully. Once you do that your free whatever will be on it’s way, and you hardly get junk email. Sometimes you do get an email to verify so I personally made a email address specifically for collecting free stuff. I have received numerous stickers, posters, and DVDs already. I’m not even kidding I just got a computer game in which you fight off cancerous cells in a body riddled with them… it’s called “ReMission,” and that, however distasteful it is, is funny. So go there and check it out. It’s actually a lot of fun. Sometimes I send American Girl magazines to my friends, or Barbie magazines. Just check it out


-Steel Alaska-

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