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Rainbow Six: Las Vegas 2 Countdown, and Mario Kart for the Wii!

First of all to moisten our Vegas 2 pallets a little bit I am going to tell you about some interesting new changes to the character progression aspect of Vegas 2. In this newest release of the Rainbow Six series, an A.C.E.S. will be employed.Las Vegas 2 Screenshot A.C.E.S. works the same way that most ranking systems in a shooter would work, Private, Lieutenant, and so forth, but there is going to be a new dimension added to this. Accomplishments will fall into one of three categories, CQB (Close Quarter Battles), Assault, and Marksman. So earning more points in the area of the marksman will unlock a sniper rifle, and more points in Assault will unlock new assault rifles. This is sure to zest things up. Another exciting new bit of information is that your bullets will now be able to pierce through  thinner surfaces, and surfaces made out of wood, and dry wall. All of this seems very minute but will add so much more to the game. I am thoroughly excited to play this one.


     Mario Kart: Wii is set to be released on April 28th in the US, and I couldn’t be more excited for my favorite game on the N64 to come to the Wii. Mario Kart: Wii will be sold with a steering wheel to house the wii-mote, but you do not have to use this method to drive your kart. You will have the option similar to Super Smash Brothers, to use the wii-mote, a gamecube controller, and the new classic controller for sure. I personally will try the newest control set up using the steering wheel. I have read that this control option is difficult at first but once you get a feel for it. It is the best option.

Wii Screenshot

    The tracks of Mario Kart: Wii have been detailed on IGN recently and I have looked at all of them. The good news is many of the tracks are tracks we have seen in earlier Mario Karts but with a new prettier graphical look. There are new tracks as well but nothing that is extremely exciting. All our favorite drivers are back and those lovely rainbow colored boxes will make a return as well. The largest difference between this game and all prior will be the karts each individual drives and the capability to play against others online. This could be really awesome, but it could also kind of suck. We’ll have to wait and see. I know, irregardless of the online system and its friendliness, I am excited to try my battle skills against kartists across the world. This one is gonna be a fun one.


-Steel Alaska-

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